Whats Happening at Geeks and Games

We host a variety of weekly and one-off events at Geeks and Games.

The best way to know whats going on at Geeks and Games is to follow us on Facebook where most of our community chats. We also have an active Meetup account and post all our events there. 

All of our events are family-friendly. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out by phone or email. 

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Weekly Events

40K Monday 6:00 PM
Blood & Plunder/Oak & Iron Tuesday 6:00 PM
Flames of War/Team Yankee Tuesday 6:00 PM
A Song of Ice & Fire Wednesday 6:00 PM
Warcry Wednesday Wednesday 6:00 PM
X-Wing/Armada Thursday 6:00 PM
Age of Sigmar Friday 6:00 PM