Saturday November 10 Shadespire Tournament 12:00-5:30





Saturday November 10 Armada Tournament 12:00-7:00





Sunday November 11 Blood & Plunder Event 12:00-8:00





Tuesday November 13 A Crafty Night Out: Elf Wreath Class 7:00-9:00





Friday November 16 Hyperspace Game Demo 6:00-8:30





Saturday November 17 Gundam Build Event 3:00-7:00





Friday November 23 Black Friday Event 8:00-11:00pm





Attend our weekly Learn to Play or come in on your own to practice the games. The games we are using are Onitama, Klask, Villagers & Villains, Champions of Midgard, Evolution, Red Dragon Inn, Kingdomino, and Nevermore. $5 entry fee, and top 4 players will get prizes. Contest is on Saturday January 5th! Call for more details.








Food for the Blood God: Our annual food fundraiser to support Back Pack Buddies in Oregon City

Food for the Blood God is a one day Age of Sigmar tournament on October 20th. The event is to benefit Backpack Buddies of Oregon City. Many kids rely on school lunch and breakfast programs for nutrition, but often don’t get the food they need on weekends or holidays.



Admission will be five food items off the list below

Easy Macs
Canned/Packaged Fruit
Soup and Chilli (ready to eat preferred)
Juice Boxes
Snacks (chips, granola bars, desserts)
Tuna Fish
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Packets
(Things packed as multiples like granola bars or oatmeal will count as 1 item. Costco size boxes will be counted per event organizer discretion)

Additionally- tournament re-rolls can be purchased for the price of one per additional food item each. There is no limit to how many you can buy, or when you can buy them. If you run out we will have runners that can go to the nearby store for you!

There will be awards for best overall, best sports, and most re-rolls purchased.

If there are no slots left, email me at , and I will add you as an alternate. Additionally if you sign up, but find you are unable to make the event, shoot me an email, so I can fill the spot.

To register for the event please sign up through bestcoastpairings

If you would like to donate food rather than play, please drop off your food donations at Geeks & Games during normal business hours.

Let’s use our wrath to feed the kids!


Oregon City High School Art Sale

Check out the art pieces for sale from the students at OCHS. They will be displayed until the end of April 2018!







Oregon City Rocks Rock Painting Event April 10 at 630 $Free






Come join us for a rock painting party. It will be a relaxed time to paint and meet some fellow rock painters. Everyone is welcome and we are hoping to make this a monthly event! There will be tables set up with table cloths for painting so feel free to bring your own painting supplies and rocks (if you have extra to share that is great too). Please invite your friends to help spread the word!


Shadespire Tournament April 14 @1130. Entry fee is $10

Join us for Geeks & Games first ever Warhammer Shadespire tournament. Entrants will test their warbands mettle in a swiss-style tournament, each vying for the title of Champion of the Mirrored City.

A day full of fast paced gaming and full prize support from Games Workshop awaits you and your toughest warband.

Entry fee is $10, space is limited. For tournament guidelines, rules and regulations check in-store or send us a message on Facebook.

Rounds will last 45 minutes with a 15 minute break. Depending on the number of participants, we can have up to 6 rounds.


Bolt Action April 14 @ 1100. Fee is $5






Every other month Geeks and Games will host a 1000 point Bolt Action casual tournament. With a low entry fee of $5. These events are intended to familiarize new players with the ins and outs of playing in a tournament setting. Learning and testing new army compositions allows our veteran players to experiment in a low stress environment. Your $5 dollars buys Pizza for the lunch break

Come join us for a day of historical mini-gaming on April 14th at 11am


My Little Pony Tuesday or Friday from 430-600 for 4 weeks beginning April 17. Fee is $20 for 4 weeks.

A roleplaying game for all ages! Good for beginners, and those that want a change of pace. Games run about the length of a movie -great for those short attention spans!- and leave the players waiting eagerly for the next session. A place to learn the ins-and-outs of table top roleplaying, all players welcome! Held by our Pony Master, Brittney, who is also seeking other Pony Masters to be able to hold more games!