About PictureAdam and La Donna have been married just short of an eternity, but thankfully Adam had the wedding date engraved onto his ring to remind him of the date. Adam served in the United States Army for 15 years, first as a medic in the infantry, and then as a Drill Sergeant. La Donna served in the United States Air Force for almost 7 years being deployed twice overseas. They would have both stayed in the military and retired, but while La Donna was in basic training they learned they would be parents—we would soon be adopting an up and coming gamer! Six short weeks later, Alexzander was born.

Adam has been gaming since Dungeons and Dragons first came out. He has played D&D, (almost any edition), Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, and Allies and Axis—War at Sea being some of his all time favorites. Some of Adam’s other hobbies are building plastic tank models, scuba diving, and completing La Donna’s “honey-do” list. Adam currently works as an RN in the emergency room, and was a paramedic for 18 years. He also enjoyed volunteering as a firefighter and holds several fire science degrees.

La Donna’s first experience in tabletop gaming was when she was deployed. Adam sent over a couple of games in a care package (along with dried bananas from Trader Joes’s..mmmhhh). Between missions La Donna and her co-workers would set up a quick game of Camel Cup. Once a week several people would meet up and play Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Playing those games helped reconnect with each other and relax after a long week. This has inspired us to make sure Geeks & Games will continue to support our service members deployed overseas. La Donna’s hobbies include making a long “honey-do” list for Adam, gardening, and photography. When Adam first joined the military, La Donna became the Family Program Coordinator and hosted many military events and coordinated multiple fundraisers. She was also a local Reserve Police Officer for many years as well.

Alexzander is 5 years old and will be starting school this year. He is excited to be in a bilingual school, but would prefer to learn Japanese rather than Spanish so he can understand the old Godzilla movies. Alexzander has been gaming for about 2 years and his favorite game is Pie in the Face. He also enjoys Doc McStuffin’s Operation, and Dominoes. Some of his hobbies include dancing around the house naked yelling “naked party” and playing with his dog Tyranny.

During the past couple of years Adam has been researching the gaming community, taking small business classes, and putting together a comprehensive and competitive business plan. One of Adam’s strengths is an in depth knowledge of gaming. La Donna’s strengths are coming up with innovative ways to sell products and organizing events. During their free time, Adam and La Donna enjoy spending time in the backyard, playing games with their great nephews and nieces, and having friends over.